I know I've probably said this before... But I love food. And if there's one thing I can say about the state I come from, it's that we make really good food. Louisiana is proud of its Cajun cooking, and it's with good reason. I can't get enough crawfish (and in étouffée!), jambalaya, muffulettas, gumbo, red beans and rice (heavy on the sausage)... I could go on. 

I'll confess, I'm obsessed with the classic dishes. You know, the ones I've named, the ones we've all heard of. I've not tried the more "gourmet" dishes that are filled with even too much weirdness for me. I haven't had too much chance, since I now live in the Lone Star state. But I might, if someone were willing to split it with me. Now, I've had frog legs (tastes like chicken), and I never want to eat gator again. But I told you, I'm trying to be more of a yes person, and if the opportunity comes up to try a new Cajun dish, I'm taking it.

My sister and her husband lived very near New Orleans over ten to fifteen years ago, and having visited the city several times, I've fallen in love with it. I know of it's reputation, and the place does smell like garbage, yes... But there's so much good to see. And taste.

Good gracious, the tastes. I have my favorite places in New Orleans. Favorite place to get coffee and beignets, favorite place to get a muffuletta, to get a po-boy. And I've been wanting to take a weekend trip back for a very long time now. I've literally been craving it.. And every now and then, I do my best (with my sweet husbands help) to have a full out Cajun day. It usually falls around Mardi Gras, because it's at this point I can get a King Cake, and that's when all of my Louisiana cravings go wild.

Now, the perfect day would start with a cup of café au lait and beignets. Beignets are squared shaped, fried dougnets covered in piles of powdered sugar (word to the wise, don't inhale when you eat them). Lunch would either be jambalaya with loads of shrimp and sausage, or red bean and rice, also with tons of sausage, both dishes accompanied with Louisuana hot sauce. Dinner, would be gumbo over rice. I haven't had really good gumbo in years. We had a family friend who would put gumbo over angel hair pasta, and it was delicious.. And for dessert, I would eat cream cheese filled King Cake and watch The Princess and The Frog. And it would be such a happy day..

I won't get that day today, but I'll get a good sampling of it. I've ordered my King Cake and am picking it up today. The hubs and I are going to make red beans and rice since it's the most cost efficient dish. 

And my gift to you, after reading a blog that surely has your mouth watering, is the information where you can order your own cake.


You're welcome.


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