I know I've probably said this before... But I love food. And if there's one thing I can say about the state I come from, it's that we make really good food. Louisiana is proud of its Cajun cooking, and it's with good reason. I can't get enough crawfish (and in étouffée!), jambalaya, muffulettas, gumbo, red beans and rice (heavy on the sausage)... I could go on. 

I'll confess, I'm obsessed with the classic dishes. You know, the ones I've named, the ones we've all heard of. I've not tried the more "gourmet" dishes that are filled with even too much weirdness for me. I haven't had too much chance, since I now live in the Lone Star state. But I might, if someone were willing to split it with me. Now, I've had frog legs (tastes like chicken), and I never want to eat gator again. But I told you, I'm trying to be more of a yes person, and if the opportunity comes up to try a new Cajun dish, I'm taking it.

My sister and her husband lived very near New Orleans over ten to fifteen years ago, and having visited the city several times, I've fallen in love with it. I know of it's reputation, and the place does smell like garbage, yes... But there's so much good to see. And taste.

Good gracious, the tastes. I have my favorite places in New Orleans. Favorite place to get coffee and beignets, favorite place to get a muffuletta, to get a po-boy. And I've been wanting to take a weekend trip back for a very long time now. I've literally been craving it.. And every now and then, I do my best (with my sweet husbands help) to have a full out Cajun day. It usually falls around Mardi Gras, because it's at this point I can get a King Cake, and that's when all of my Louisiana cravings go wild.

Now, the perfect day would start with a cup of café au lait and beignets. Beignets are squared shaped, fried dougnets covered in piles of powdered sugar (word to the wise, don't inhale when you eat them). Lunch would either be jambalaya with loads of shrimp and sausage, or red bean and rice, also with tons of sausage, both dishes accompanied with Louisuana hot sauce. Dinner, would be gumbo over rice. I haven't had really good gumbo in years. We had a family friend who would put gumbo over angel hair pasta, and it was delicious.. And for dessert, I would eat cream cheese filled King Cake and watch The Princess and The Frog. And it would be such a happy day..

I won't get that day today, but I'll get a good sampling of it. I've ordered my King Cake and am picking it up today. The hubs and I are going to make red beans and rice since it's the most cost efficient dish. 

And my gift to you, after reading a blog that surely has your mouth watering, is the information where you can order your own cake.


You're welcome.



"While there's Life, there's hope."

The above is "Life" magazines first motto. Later, it became "To see Life; see the world". But it you're like me, and have seen what is now my new favorite movie (and will be soon reading the short story it's based off of), you just love the movie motto so much better..

 “To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life.” -The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (Fictional "Life" magazine quote)

What a story. I've not felt so inspired after a movie, I think... ever. And I know that's exactly what it was meant to do, but after watching it on a date with the hubs, we both walked out feeling like it was written for us

Not that we've really lacked the courage to make big leaps. On the contrary, we've made several risky moves. Leaps of faith. They haven't always worked out the way we thought they would... In fact, I'm not sure any of them have. I think what's happened nearly every time is just a lack of financial resources to finish out the journey. It's like packing your bags, using nearly all your resources to pay for a plane ticket, and arriving at your destination only to find that your accommodations have been canceled. You exhausted all your cash and energy on the trip there, and now you can't move forward. You can't even really move backward. The door closed in front of you and the one behind you is jammed. Those times have really tested and refined our faith, and we certainly have some stories to tell. I think we're still very much recovering from those trips that just didn't work out. All that said though, we really have had some amazing adventures together that were completely on purpose and left a deep hunger inside us for more. Alas, most adventures, especially the bigger ones, they require loads of cashola.

I know we all wish a huge, lump sum of money would just show up on our doorstep to provide for said adventures. And I know my husband and I aren't the only ones wishing we were employed to travel the world, tasting and trying everything, taking photographs of glorious places.. (How does one get this kind of job, anyway?)

And if we had that kind of financial backing, we wouldn't be ones cooped up in a ridiculous mansion only coming out now and again to shop for cars and Gucci shoes. We would build a small cottage on a few acres either here or in Ireland, and then we'd just go. We'd do and see and taste it all. 

I believe all of these things were created for our enjoyment and to ultimately bring God glory. And I believe He smiles and is glorified when we delight in the things He created. As much as I desire to see all the radiant wonders of this world, and I really can't express how much I do, I can't imagine the radiance He holds in His kingdom that we'll get to enjoy with Him forever. So, I know I won't be missing out if I don't get to see the far reaches of this earth before my years are gone. I've much more to look forward to. 

But, man... 

For now, until I'm able to go out and cross those bigger things off my bucket list.. I'm making it my personal mission to say yes to opportunities I'm faced with that most of me wants to say no to (this does not include any opportunities that would invite diseases). I've already been doing this and am kicking myself for all the times I've passed up the chance to say yes. You must understand, this is coming from a person that does not like opening a door unless she knows precisely what's on the other side. I like to be prepared for anything. Everything. It's why my "overnight" bag always has 5 different outfits! That specific probably won't change. Not gonna "yolo" on that one.

So, I encourage you to be adventurous. However big or small. If it means cliff jumping, or trying a different entrée at a restaurant you're always too afraid to try something new at because their cheese enchiladas are just the best and you don't want to be disappointed. Being a creature of habit can certainly be comforting... But there is nothing adventurous about it. So get out there. Try the chalupas. It's ok if you still like the enchiladas better, but at least you tried something new! 

And please, please, please please... Whoever you are, please watch "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty".