As stated previously, my life is full of transition. Nearly three months ago, I wrote about how important it's been for me to be grounded on nothing by Christ. For me, everything else in this life changes. I don't know what it means to be physically settled, the way most of America seems to understand it, anyway. But because my peace comes from someone infinitely greater than all we can imagine it would take to give us that "settled" feeling, and stands outside of the realm of time, (something I however, admittedly do occasionally fear I'm losing far too quickly) I actually do have the feeling of being settled.

It's odd to even me. Because I once stressed so much over this. It doesn't help when your friends and family, however extended some of them may be, give you grief over not having done life the way they believe you should have. And even now, in our lives together (I and my hubby) I know we're not settled. Not by American standards anyway... But I'm so happy. I mean, I'm really happy. I have a God that does not fail me, a husband that loves me unconditionally, a dog who, despite all her stubbornness is still my precious little darling, an adorable apartment we've recently moved into and affectionately dubbed our "hobbit hole", and a job that (I've never been able to say this) I love. 

Did you catch my bit of news thrown in there?

Our life has taken on a handful of new transitions. One of which I hope and pray never changes. The other two are recognized as temporary, and we're just fine with that. That first one though...

There were sketchy things happening at my husband's job, not to mention the high levels of stress and crazy long hours that left us both feeling that it was time for a change. It did take me a bit longer to agree, only because I was afraid whatever change ensued would mean my going back to work. Now please don't think that I find myself above work, I don't. But finding a job. That's the task that feels so entirely daunting. Well with all my husband's experience and good reputation, he found one fast. It was now down to me to find something... I went to several places to hand in my resume, but I wasn't really in love with any of them. But there is a place here in town that is in the business of vintage sales and rentals. I'd been in before, and the owners were always so very friendly, and I had hard time keeping myself from drooling over all of their products. It's family owned, and so I didn't have high hopes in getting on with them, but I thought in their line of business, they'd surely know of other companies doing similar things who might need some help. I walked in, and long story short, they were actually looking for some part time/seasonal help. I talked with them a while, falling even more in love, and left my information. They called a couple of days later, and needless to say... I got on!!

I have never loved work so much. When I'm not there, I miss being there. The work and the people. I absolutely adore the people I work for and with, and my work is so much fun. I've found my niche. I never want to leave. However, they were fully staffed before I got there and now that the holidays are over, I may be more a sort of on call employee for those occasional weekends when they need extra help again. I'm praying for this business to prosper. Not only for the sake of the dear people running it, but so that I may have work as well! We will see over the next few weeks if I need to find a second job.

As for our apartment... This is our second time living in this exact same, little efficiency. We lived here after we moved back from Missouri for several months, only two years ago. It has every bit of charm and character you'd find in an old Irish pub, except for loud and heavily accented old Irishmen. Our landlords/neighbors are wonderful people who we love very much and are as dear to us as family. It's not much, but it's certainly enough. It's also one of those things I mentioned that we recognize as temporary, but for now I have to say, we really are enjoying it... Much more than I honestly thought we would. It's bursting with love and drinks and good cooking that is shared between roofs right next to each other. It has a home feeling. This is what a community should be like.

I'm not sure what the next move will be. I really don't. We know what our dreams are, just not quite sure how to get there. But I still have peace. I have joy. I didn't know they could come so easily... But it's certainly only by the grace of God that I believe it does.