today... was really, really, really long. and everyone today drank rude juice apparently. americans are so hard to please. it was one of those days where i can honestly say i understand why people who don't know Jesus go home and drink til they pass out. was that too honest?

i guess it's a good thing not too many people read this blog.

no worries. i don't plan on getting drunk. i just let stress get to me today. i should work on that a little more...

anyway, hubby helped make it better. :) we went to walmart right after work (he worked 10-9, i worked 11-9), and spent $20 on a rotisserie chicken, small oreo cake, french bread, cream cheese, and sparkling grape juice. we came home and watched "james and the giant peach" (which he has never had the pleasure of seeing. has always been one of my favorites. tim burton... is amazing) on netflix and ate everything with our fingers on the couch. probably one of the best dates ever...

i love stretchy pants.

sooo, i mean to update this a long time ago, but... we do have our christmas tree up. yesss. it's actually been up for a few weeks now. wrapped presents are already underneath it. it is decorated. we turn the lights on every night. and i've heard several outraged comments about it. one girl at work said she was going to kill me. that was weird... something to do with the stress of bringing the holidays on too soon. well ya shouldn't have worked in retail...

o! one more thing... i HIGHLY recommend "inception". GREAT movie. johnny, daniel, matt, his mom and me went and saw it outside at le tourneau (where johnny goes to school) last night. it was so much fun. we were all sitting on a blanket, and it was freezing, but i think everyone enjoyed it. it's been a long time since i've seen an "adult" movie and honestly want to own it. johnny and i go and see kids movies mostly, because they at have they least amount of crap, because even kids movies today still have their share. we figured though, if le tourneau was showing it on campus, couldn't be too bad... but yea, it was really really good. watch it.

 p.s.    jordan? last night on the super bargain book shelves were TWO (one for me, one for you) social justice handbooks. i was going to grab them and buy them today (25% of bargain book sale) and matt made me feel guilty about it. jerk. so i put them back, went looking for them today when i got to work, and they were GONE. so i blame a portion of the lack of justice on matt, because we never got our hands on those books that might have assisted us in our efforts. that's all.