overdue update.

Seeing as how I have four whole followers, I think I owe it to you all to be more faithful with my blogging...

...just kidding. I mean, I do plan on being more faithful, but if I'm being honest, this is more of an outlet for my thoughts whether someone reads them or not. In truth, there are some thoughts I know I'll really want some to read... and then there will be days (more like middle of the nights) when I'll write things out of my head just so I can sleep, and those will probably be the things I'm not jumping up and down for people to read. I think it's good for me to get it out anyway. I'm already not very good at talking about how I feel, definitely not in person... This is a good alternative to give me practice.

First update: I'm officially unemployed! By choice. I quit work at my husband's request to travel around with him while he works. He's really good at his job, and I'm so proud of him for being the honest and hard worker that he is. Not every wife can say that of her husband, and I'm very happy to have that privilege. It takes him out of town though quite often and for long periods of time, and we just weren't too keen on the separation soooo... I'll be going with him every time he leaves! I think this is an enormous blessing, and I'm so very thankful to follow him where ever he goes.

Second update: We have a child. And she's adorable. She's extra long, covered in brown fur, has deceiving brown eyes and sometimes responds to the name of "Izzy". She's a mini-dachshund, and my newest excuse for why I never need real children. I love her more than I ever thought I could love an animal. I'll go ahead and insert here, that thought I can hardly believe it, Johnny and I have become "those" people. Those dog people. The kind I used to make fun of. Well, now I'm there. We've joined that club. You can expect to see pictures of her in the future. And you're welcome.

Third update: As happens just about every year, there are about to be some big changes for us. I can't say just yet (no, I'm not pregnant, not even close, maybe not ever) but, IT is sort of a dream of ours, and I'm believing that it's not only possible, but that it's going to happen. I'm asking you to pray and believe with me. As soon as we have something set in stone (or pretty darn close) I'll update again with a little more information. I'm just really excited!

Fourth update: I cut my hair. Short. And it's blonde. Long, brown hippie hair is gone again. Normally I have withdrawals at this point, but I've been saying good riddance since day one because this Texas heat comes early and my hair added a few degrees on it's own.

A shallow update, I know... So on to slightly more interesting blogging!

My sweet mother in law invited us to go see JJ Heller with her tonight. I love JJ Heller. Her music makes me happy, and I found out tonight that her music LIVE, makes me want to cry. Seriously! I struggled against tears the whole time! Buh... She also makes me want to sing. Civil Wars (who I was only recently introduced to and do so highly recommend to you) and JJ Heller both have the same effect on me, in that they make me want to sing again... Not on stage, not really even in front of anyone, I just want to sit down with someone who can play the guitar a LOT better than I can (I can...hardly play...) and sing with them. I love hearing two voices blend together in a way that sound like they were born to, and I've always wanted to do that with someone.

I've been thinking too, that maybe I'd love to be in a musical, or some sort of drama. Not you know, Big Town musical/drama, because I have nothing on paper to show for to credit me any position. No experience to even place me as a TREE. But I was thinking... small(er) town musical/drama. It may not even exist. And even if it does, I have enough OCD that a small town musical might drive me crazy rather than be something I enjoyed. I'm going to look into it. There may be nothing that comes out of it, but it's something I've always wanted to do. Mind you, I'm not looking to make a career of it, and that alone may render me a waste of time in the minds of those in the theater. We'll see what information I can come up with.

And since this post has taken on a musical theme... Let me just say... I'm very new to the "apple" world. And the most exciting thing for me? ITUNES!!! I know I'm years behind with this. I didn't know what I was missing. And now I've found a new addiction. It's so wonderful. So horrible... Every song, it's $1.29 or less typically, right?! But before I know it... I've spent roughly $36 in a week on itunes! And it's not that it's a huge sum of money... It's just so... dangerous. I think I'm not spending very much. With a song or two here and there a day. Then the bill comes.
"Lish... exactly how many songs have you purchased?"
"Uh... not... a lot..."
"Let me see your phone."
"..............I don't have a problem."
And there it is. The "you're in trouble" face. Followed by my facial attempt of "I'm cute, please don't ban me from itunes". But, I did learn a valuable lesson. Two bucks may not seem like much. But two bucks spent several times adds up. Quick. So I'll be a little more careful from now on. To the best of my ability. Most days.

Goodnight. :)